Frequently Asked Questions

Are you currently seeing patients in person?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all patient visits are conducted via HIPAA compliant video sessions or over the telephone to ensure patient safety. Patients will be notified when it is safe to return to in-person appointments. 

Are you currently scheduling psychological assessments?

Because most cognitive and psychoeducational tests need to be conducted in person to ensure reliability and validity, evaluations for learning disabilities and ADHD are not being scheduled at this time.

How often will we meet?

Typically appointments are scheduled weekly for 45 minutes.  Dr. Claar is committed to providing short-term, evidenced based treatments that are effective and solution-focused.


Do you accept insurance?

Dr. Claar is an out of network provider for all insurance companies.  Your insurance company may list Dr. Claar as an in network provider due to her previous work in the GI clinic at UNC.  Legal restrictions prevent Dr. Claar from seeing patients with Medicaid or Medicare out of network.  Billing statements with all of the information required by the insurance company are given directly to you to submit for reimbursement.  FSA/HSA cards can be used to pay for appointments. It is recommended that you call your insurance company to find out how much they will reimburse for services with an out of network licensed clinical psychologist.


Do you prescribe medication?

As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Claar does not prescribe medication. If you or your child is currently taking medication Dr. Claar is happy to coordinate care with your current prescriber with your permission.  Dr. Claar also can help you to arrange a medication evaluation.

Robyn Claar, Ph.D.

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Telephone: 919-794-6096    Fax: 919-794-6096



If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911

or go to your nearest local emergency room.





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